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Learn About Your Enneagram Type

Not quite sure which Type you are?

We are utilizing a third party Enneagram Coach who has been trained by the best Enneagram experts and pours hundreds of hours into advanced certifications, and is now leading the industry in simplifying the deep truths of the Enneagram from a Biblical perspective.

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CORE FEARS: Being wrong, bad, evil, inappropriate, unredeemable, or corruptible.

CORE DESIRES: Having integrity, being good, balanced, accurate, virtuous, and right.

CORE WEAKNESS: Resentment – Repressing anger that leads to continual frustration and dissatisfaction with yourself, others, and the world for not being perfect.

CORE LONGING: You are good.

Type 1

The Moral Perfectionist

Type 1 copy

Type 2

The Supportive Advisor

Type 2 copy

CORE FEARS: Being rejected and unwanted, being thought worthless, needy, inconsequential, dispensable, or unworthy of love.

CORE DESIRES: Being appreciated, loved, and wanted.

CORE WEAKNESS: Pride – Denying your own needs and emotions while using your strong intuition to discover and focus on the emotions and needs of others, confidently inserting your helpful support in hopes that others will say how grateful they are for your thoughtful care.

CORE LONGING: You are wanted and loved.

CORE FEARS: Being exposed as or thought incompetent, inefficient, or worthless; failing to be or appear successful.

CORE DESIRES: Having high status and respect, being admired, successful, and valuable.

CORE WEAKNESS: Deceit – Deceiving yourself into believing that you are only the image you present to others; embellishing the truth by putting on a polished persona for everyone (including yourself) to see and admire.

CORE LONGING: You are loved for simply being you.

Type 3

The Successful Achiever

Type 3

Type 4

The Romantic Individualist

Type 4 copy

CORE FEARS: Being inadequate, emotionally cut off, plain, mundane, defective, flawed, or insignificant.

CORE DESIRES: Being unique, special, and authentic.

CORE WEAKNESS: Envy – Feeling that you’re tragically flawed, that something foundational is missing inside you, and others possess qualities you lack.

CORE LONGING: You are seen and loved for exactly who you are—special and unique.

CORE FEARS: Being annihilated, invaded, or not existing; being thought incapable or ignorant; having obligations placed upon you or your energy being completely depleted.

CORE DESIRES: Being capable and competent.

CORE WEAKNESS: Avarice – Feeling that you lack inner resources and that too much interaction with others will lead to catastrophic depletion; withholding yourself from contact with the world; holding onto your resources and minimizing your needs.

CORE LONGING: Your needs aren’t a problem.

Type 5

The Intellectual Thinker

Type 5 copy

Type 6

The Loyal Guardian

Type 6 copy

CORE FEARS: Fearing fear itself, being without support, security, or guidance; being blamed, targeted, alone, or physically abandoned.

CORE DESIRES: Having security, guidance, and support.

CORE WEAKNESS: Anxiety – Scanning the horizon of life and trying to predict and prevent negative outcomes (especially worst-case scenarios); remaining in a constant state of apprehension and worry.

CORE LONGING: You are safe and secure.

CORE FEARS: Being deprived, trapped in emotional pain, limited, or bored; missing out on something fun.

CORE DESIRES: Being happy, fully satisfied, and content.

CORE WEAKNESS: Gluttony – Feeling a great emptiness inside and having an insatiable desire to “fill yourself up” with experiences and stimulation in hopes of feeling completely satisfied and content.

CORE LONGING: You will be taken care of.

Type 7

The Entertaining Optimist

Type 7 copy

Type 8

The Protective Challenger

Type 8 copy

CORE FEARS: Being weak, powerless, harmed, controlled, vulnerable, manipulated, and left at the mercy of injustice.

CORE DESIRES: Protecting yourself and those in your inner circle.

CORE WEAKNESS: Lust/Excess – Constantly desiring intensity, control, and power; pushing yourself willfully on life and people in order to get what you desire.

CORE LONGING: You will not be betrayed.

CORE FEARS: Being in conflict, tension, or discord; feeling shut out and overlooked; losing connection and relationship with others.

CORE DESIRES: Having inner stability and peace of mind.

CORE WEAKNESS: Sloth – Remaining in an unrealistic and idealistic world in order to keep the peace, remain easygoing, and not be disturbed by your anger; falling asleep to your passions, abilities, desires, needs, and worth by merging with others to keep peace and harmony.

CORE LONGING: Your presence matters.

Type 9

The Peaceful Mediator

Type 9 copy

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