Making A Difference Around The World

Local Church missions exists to connect us with others as we partner together to build the Kingdom of God. Join us and help make a difference as we share in what God is doing locally, nationally, and around the world.


Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
July 25-31, 2024

Leader Contact: Sydnee Bruenn
Email: missions@localchurch.tv
PH: 281-251-0360 ext 704



Ground Fees – $1265-$1465 per person
Ground fees will cover all of our in country expenses.
– Travel Insurance – Accommodations
– Transportation – Food/Water


Flights – $908 per ticket (addition $30 for a checked bag)
Our tickets are reserved through American Airlines, and the first $100 deposit you send will hold your seat and is *non-refundable. The $908 covers your seat, a carry-on bag, and personal item; if you want to add a checked bag to travel with, the first checked bag is $30 and $40 for a second.



*** Our team must be finalized by April 20th. All team members must have their tickets cost fully fundraised to hold your spot.

(Last date to make ticket changes without penalties to payments)


Your needs will be met with the ground fees and plane ticket expenses. You can bring some spending money to buy souvenirs while in the country.


There are various ministry opportunities; vacation Bible schools, sports, medical aid, and worship focuses are all potential areas where we can come and serve. There is no skill or talent too small for God to use. Our focus for this trip is to immerse ourselves into the community, learn what ministries they already have in place, deepen our relationships, and serve alongside our Hope Center’s Staff.

Background Check
An approved background check is required before taking a trip with One Child. The safety of children, staff, team members, and even yourself is of utmost importance! With that, we require everyone 16 years and older to complete a background check which will be provided through Local Church.

We will be staying in a hotel in the city of Santo Domingo near the One Child Hope Center we are partnering with. All bedding and towels will be provided.

Breakfast will most likely be eaten at the hotel. Our host at the Hope Center will ensure that we are taken care of, and three meals a day will be provided. Dominican food is delicious and typically includes oatmeal, bread, fruit, rice, beans, and vegetable sides. If you are unwilling or
unable to eat the food provided, please feel free to bring food or snacks that will be more conducive to your diet.

Water Safety
We cannot guarantee the safety of local water; filtered water will always be available at facilities and should be used for drinking and brushing your teeth. (Having a refillable water bottle is always a plus.)

Outlets in the Dominican Republic operate on the same voltage as the US. It is recommended that participants coordinate and bring hair dryers, etc. to share to reduce unnecessary luggage.

There are no vaccine requirements, but there are some that we can recommend. When traveling abroad, it is wise to have an up-to-date tetanus shot, as they expire every ten years, and to bring diarrhea medicine. If you have more concerns about vaccines recommended for
travel to the D.R., you can find CDC guidelines for trips to this area.
Currently, there are no covid travel restrictions to enter/exit the Dominican Republic. No vaccine or PCR test is required, but we will monitor these requirements as we get closer to our departure date.

Bringing Donations
You can bring gifts to bless the children and families you are sponsoring. We will also plan on having supplies for our Hope Center; as we plan our ministry out as a team, we will determine the best things to bring. Such as; play dough, art supplies, soccer balls, baseball gear, etc. All donations we obtain will be traveling with us through checked baggage.

In Case of an Emergency
Our hosts are locals of the Dominican Republic and are aware of all medical protocols to take in the event of an emergency. Along with our local Hope Center hosts, our team will be accompanied by Yolie Lolama, our stateside missions contact, who is getting our trip set up. Your team leader will also be available to communicate with the local program office to regain safety and follow protocols in emergencies.

Packing List
For all items, only bring things that can be replaced easily if lost, broken, or stolen. It is a good idea to leave all jewelry at home.

For church/hope center visits, men are requested to wear slacks or nice blue jeans and a collared shirt. Women are requested to wear long skirts, capris, blue jeans, or slacks. Shorts and sleeveless tops are not allowed, unless it is during free time or on your excursion.

In addition to clothing & basics, don’t forget to pack needed items from this list!

• Bible, Journal, & Pen
• Towel & Wash Cloths
• Modest Swimsuit (Hotel/Beach Only)
• Small Travel Packs of Toilet Paper/Tissue
• Chargers for Electronics
• Water Bottle
• Sunglasses and Hat
• Sunscreen

• Travel Wallet
• Hand Sanitizer
• Basic First Aid Supplies
• Insect/Mosquito Repellent
• Ziploc Bags
• Spending Money for Meals in the Airport and Souvenirs
• Personal Hygiene Items